Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Integrates with PrecisionPoint® to Redefine Patient Outcomes in Urology Practice 

Redefining prostate cancer care through innovative AI technology

CULVER CITY, Calif. – October 23, 2023Avenda Health, a pioneering AI healthcare company, is proud to announce a collaboration with Maryland-based Urology Associates, led by esteemed urologist Matthew Allaway, D.O. With one in eight men developing prostate cancer in their lifetime, this collaboration harnesses the innovative capabilities of both organizations to redefine patient care and treatment in the field of urology, while preserving the patient’s sexual and urinary function. 

In this partnership, Dr. Allaway and his trailblazing team at Urology Associates will make history by becoming one of the first practices in the country to integrate Avenda Health’s state-of-the-art technology, Unfold AI, which is FDA-cleared, into their in-office procedures. Unfold AI, a cancer mapping platform leverages artificial intelligence to identify cancer and help decide on course of treatment, ultimately optimizing patient outcomes. In a recent study, the use of Unfold AI increases the identification of all clinically significant cancer. 

Dr. Allaway, a renowned expert in urology, has not only established a reputation for excellence in patient care but has also introduced a game-changing innovation, PrecisionPoint® Transperineal Access System. This method uses the transperineal approach, enabling practitioners to perform a better, safer prostate biopsy by precisely targeting the desired location through a single skin puncture performed under local anesthesia. Patients benefit from a comprehensive and integrated approach to their prostate cancer treatment, combining PrecisionPoint® and Unfold AI to create treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. 

“We are thrilled to be the first practice in the country to use Avenda Health’s Unfold AI in our office with PrecisionPoint®,” said Dr. Allaway. “By combining our PrecisionPoint® technology with Avenda’s Unfold AI, we are setting a new standard in urology, ensuring safer, more precise and more personalized treatment options.”

“Through innovative partnerships and cutting-edge technology, we’re not just transforming the future of healthcare; we’re redefining what’s possible for patients suffering from cancer and their well-being,” said Shyam Natarajan, CEO of Avenda Health “Patients can now look forward to a brighter and healthier future with increased access to groundbreaking urological healthcare services. 

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About Avenda Health

Avenda Health is creating a more personalized future of prostate cancer care. Using deep learning, Avenda Health software maps a patient’s cancer in 3D, giving physicians precise information and the confidence to make care decisions. Dedicated to bringing this cutting-edge technology to all practices and physicians treating prostate cancer patients, Avenda Health aims to improve outcomes, preserve quality of life, and create a new standard of cancer care.

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