Detect, Decide, Thrive

Using artificial intelligence, Unfold AI detects precisely what parts of the prostate are affected by cancer to help you and your doctor decide on the best treatment option to enable you to thrive.


Current Problem

Current imaging does not show the full picture of prostate cancer

68 Percent

To preserve quality of life and avoid leaving cancer behind, doctors need to know where ALL the cancer is within the prostate and to confidently know what parts of the prostate are unaffected by cancer.

Treating the entire prostate without Unfold AI leads to sexual or urinary dysfunction in over

50% of patients

Focally treating prostate cancer without Unfold AI leads to residual cancer in

24-49% of patients

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Unfold AI

A New Way to Map Prostate Cancer

Avenda Health is revolutionizing the way prostate cancer is managed. Our AI-based platform Unfold AI combines patient specific data (MRI, PSA, biopsy and pathology) and artificial intelligence to characterize a patients prostate cancer. It shows how far prostate cancer extends within the prostate in the form of a 3D cancer estimation map (CEM). Each CEM is unique and tailored specifically to each patient. Thus enabling doctors and patients to make more effective decisions about their treatment plan.


Patients should not have to choose between treating their prostate cancer and maintaining their quality of life.