Creating a More Personalized Future of Prostate Care

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A Focus on Outcomes and Improved Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients

On the horizon is FocalPoint—a focal therapy system powered by Unfold AI to preserve quality of life. Urologists soon will be able to treat prostate cancer with laser precision in an office-based setting under local anesthesia.

  • No hospitalization
  • No post-operative downtime
  • No catheterization

FocalPoint powered by Unfold AI

FocalPoint powered by Unfold AI delivers targeted focal ablation treatment with real time monitoring of tissue temperature and treatment progress minimizing the impact to healthy tissue while preserving quality of life.

A laser needle and thermal-optical sensor are inserted into the target tissue under ultrasound guidance. The laser needle gently heats tissue causing coagulation necrosis. Requiring only local anesthesia, patients experience minimal to no downtime.


Treat cancer.
Preserve healthy tissue and quality of life.

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