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First and Only AI-Based Prostate Cancer Decision Support Platform

The challenge. Where is the cancer?

Most of prostate cancer is invisible on MRI.

To treat prostate cancer, doctors need to balance sparing healthy tissue and to preserve quality of life while minimizing the risk of leaving cancer behind.

This is a challenging balancing act when it's not clear where all the prostate cancer is within the prostate. Fortunately, there is now Unfold AI.


The Challenge

Unfold AI

Now there is a way of visualizing all prostate cancer with more accuracy: Unfold AI. Our platform provides a personalized, color guided 3D map showing how far the cancer has extended within the prostate. Unfold AI is the first and only platform which enables a physician to see the full picture of a patient's prostate cancer so they can make better determinations about the treatment approach – information that otherwise would not be available.

Unfold AI, a prostate cancer decision support platform that empowers you and your doctor to:


cancer margins and visualize in 3D for therapy selection and guidance



on the optimal course or treatment



in your prostate cancer journey

Unfold AI can help map prostate cancer and choose the best treatment option


clinically proven sensitivity at detecting cancer


of the time urologists change their treatment recommendation

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