Avenda Health Deploys AI Cancer Imaging Technology at Kasraeian Urology, Improving Local Access to Cutting Edge Prostate Cancer Care

Transforming prostate imaging and diagnosis with AI technology in Jacksonville

CULVER CITY, Calif. – May 21, 2024 – With 1 in 8 men projected to face a prostate cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, innovative AI imaging technology is ushering in a transformative moment against this widespread health challenge. Avenda Health, an AI healthcare company and Kasraeian Urology, a Jacksonville-based practice are bringing AI-powered imaging technology, Unfold AI, to residents throughout the community. By incorporating Unfold AI into its practice, Kasraeian Urology can tailor precise treatment plans to improve patient outcomes. 

Avenda’s FDA cleared technology, Unfold AI, leverages AI to enhance the diagnosis and treatment planning for prostate cancer patients. By combining advanced imaging techniques with machine learning algorithms, Unfold AI can identify 159% more cancer than MRI alone. During a validation study, guidance from the platform caused physicians to change their treatment recommendations in 28% of cases, often favoring a shift towards a more localized treatment. The positive influence of Unfold AI has already been felt in local practices and large health practices. 

With offices throughout Jacksonville, Kasraeian Urology is a family-oriented urology practice that has earned a reputation for a comprehensive and personalized approach to patient care. Led by urologist Ali Kasraeian, MD, MHA, FACS, the practice will implement Unfold AI in diagnostic precision and treatment planning. From identifying tumor morphology to assessing distribution of lesions, the platform will better inform the Kasraeian team with a comprehensive understanding of diverse prostate cancer presentations. 

“Avenda has developed a highly sophisticated and powerful algorithm for Unfold AI, which integrates detailed data from MRI scans, pathology reports, and individual clinical information,” stated Dr. Kasraeian. “This state-of-the-art AI technology significantly expands our access to information, beyond what we previously thought possible. Equipped with this enhanced knowledge, urologists and their patients can now make more informed, and more personalized health decisions together.”

“As we celebrate this collaboration with Kasraeian Urology, we are excited about the positive impact Unfold AI will have on the prostate cancer patients in Jacksonville,” said Shyam Natarajan, CEO at Avenda Health. “Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare through innovation, and this partnership brings us one step closer to making a meaningful difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients.”

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About Avenda Health

Avenda Health is creating a more personalized future of prostate cancer care. Using deep learning, Avenda Health software maps a patient’s cancer in 3D, giving physicians precise information and the confidence to make care decisions. Dedicated to bringing this cutting-edge technology to all practices and physicians treating prostate cancer patients, Avenda Health aims to improve outcomes, preserve quality of life, and create a new standard of cancer care.

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